What's New

  • Pinterest-like interface for collecting images, links, documents, etc.
  • Repost an item from one collection to another
  • Repost an entire collection into another to create a pseudo hierarchy
  • Like/unlike posts
  • Comment on posts
  • Members can make private collections that only they can see
  • Quick & easy post creation with drag & drop file upload, link creation. Optional title, description, and tags.
  • Follow members and see all posts they make or just a single collection and see only the posts made to that collection
  • Build an online course, allowing for video lectures, file attachments, quizzes and tests.
  • Create sections—divisions of students—with their own time frames, scheduled quizzes, etc. and section specific instructors.
  • Personal notes. Create notes on any video lecture that can be downloaded or accessed at any time on the “Notes” area.
  • Discussion threads for every lecture. Instructor responses are highlighted for quickly and easily finding threads the instructor has commented in.
  • Choose to have discussions only display comments from the section the students are in or all sections.
  • Make a thread “Sticky” so all sections see it.
Group Announcements
  • Group messages have been replaced with group announcements
  • A more convenient way to inform group members of important information and events
  • Announcements can be created by any group manager
  • Announcements use wiki markup so can include minimal formatting
  • Announcements have a publish start & end date
  • Announcements can be marked as high priority (shown in red)
  • Announcements can be marked sticky, meaning they get displayed on all group pages above other group content. Can be hidden per user.
  • Announcements can be searched
Group Calendar
  • Integrated into the site wide events tables
  • Ability to have multiple calendars with different colors to separate events into categories
  • Ability to import a remote calendar such as a private Google Calendar, and keeps in sync with the calendar on Google
  • Group events can be created by any group manager
  • Group calendar now allows “quick create”, by double clicking on calendar date manager can create event for that day
  • Group events now include more fields such as details, location, website, contact, etc
  • Group events can now include event registration with or without restricted access (requiring a password)
  • Group events now don’t require an end date
  • Group events now have timezone support
  • Group events can be imported from iCalendar files (.ics)
  • Users can now subscribe to group calendars in their own calendar application. Subscribe to one or all of the group calendars and all the group events on the HUB will be automatically synced
Projects and Publications – major new features:
  • DataStore Lite: create interactive databases out of .csv files in your project
  • Publications feature is now included and can be used to publish project files or databases
  • Google Drive connection for desktop syncing and collaborative editing of your project files
  • LaTeX support: compile .TEX files into PDF right in the Project Files browser, use GDrive connection to edit .TEX files as Google docs with your project team
  • Project reports: detailed logs collected on all project activity with combined usage reports available for site admins and public
  • Improved Project Files interface with a drag-and-drop multiple file upload, side-by-side and inline file revision comparison etc.
Resources Media tracking for HTML5 videos