Week 2

After months of planning, research, meetings, bids, waiting, orders, installation, documentation, videos, training, modifications (and stress), the UCRSI STEMmobile was deployed to the first of 20 UCRSI hub schools on November 1st, 2013.

An Averitt Express driver, towing our shiny, new, STEMmobile, pulled into the parking lot at White County Middle School in Sparta, TN at about 12:45 in the afternoon.

After being greeted by Principal Craig Lynn, we were directed to the location chosen by him. Moments later, the Averitt tractor pulled away leaving Nik McGehee and myself, to begin the first of 20 deployments at a middle Tennessee school.

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A few hours later, the STEMmobile was up and running, ready for the first week of many providing students in rural Tennessee with STEM learning opportunities at their local schools.

After a lighthearted refresher training with STEM Hub teachers Christy Gooch and Ashley Allison as well as Karen Benningfield and Principal Craig Lynn, the UCRSI STEMmobile was released to their care and use.

Thanks to all for your help, support and patience along the way!

Rob Reab – STEMmobile Manager, Millard Oakly STEM Center

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  1. Gail Lynn Gentry

    Yay! Wonderful to see it parked at a school and ready for use. Can’t wait to see White County students (and many, many more) onboard and utilizing all the resources there!!!

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    Replying to Gail Lynn Gentry

  2. Christina Hatley

    Very exciting!

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    Replying to Christina Hatley

  3. Marc Andrew Robinson

    Fantastic! Can’t wait for pictures of them using it! The STEMmobile era is here!

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    Replying to Marc Andrew Robinson

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