STEMmobile Curricula For 2014/2015



Curricula - questions answered through exploration

8th Grade Electromagnets
  • What is an electromagnet?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it possible to detect a magnetic field using a battery and compass?
  • Will the process work using coiled copper wire instead of a battery?
7th Grade Simple Machines
  • What are simple machines?
  • How do they work?
  • What are their names?
  • How does using a simple machine change force, work, and distance?
  • What are some simple machines we use every day?
6th Grade Electric Circuits
  • What is a circuit?
  • A closed or open circuit?
  • How are circuits constructed and how are they used?
  • Can two light bulbs remain list if one switch is turned off or part of a circuit is opened?
  • How can we draw circuits?
  • Can we create a doorbell?
5th Grade Heart Rate Monitoring
  • How do health care professionals monitor heart rate?
  • Is there more than one way to monitor heart rate?
  • What makes the heart beat faster?
  • What makes the heart beat slower?
  • How can a handheld computer be used to monitor heart rate?
4th Grade Vitamin C Indicators
  • What is vitamin C and why is it important to health?
  • Can we measure vitamin C content without looking at nutritional information on a package?
  • What does an indicator solution do?
  • How do we use indicator solutions?
3rd Grade Sail Design
  • What are properties of materials?
  • How do properties of materials affect the design of a sail?
  • Which materials are most effective at catching the wind?
  • How can we test sail designs?
  • Once tested, how can we improve design?
2nd Grade Magnets
  • What are magnets?
  • Are all magnets the same shape?
  • Do all magnets have their poles at the ends of the magnets?
  • How can a magnet be used to make an object move or float?
  • Which magnet has the most power?
  • What is attracted to a magnet?
1st Grade Motion
  • How do objects move?
  • What makes an object move down a ramp?
  • Will the surface of the ramp make a difference in how far or fast an object moves?
  • Can we predict how far an object will move when it gets to the end of a ramp?
Kindergarten Parachutes
  • What is a parachute?
  • How does a parachute work?
  • What shapes can make up a parachute?
  • Can we make a parachute from a napkin?
  • How do we test our parachutes?
Pre-Kindergarten Chromotography
  • What are primary colors?
  • What are secondary colors?
  • Once a secondary color is created, can the colors be separated?
  • What can we do to separate water soluble colors?
  • What is chromotography?